Allergic asthma: the risk of alternative treatments

People who are diagnosed allergic   bronchial asthma, forced to take a large number of drugs, sooner or later think about alternative therapies. What only methods of eliminating allergies, including asthma attacks, can not be found on the Internet! This is a specific diet, and various sets of breathing exercises, taking herbs and decoctions, healing from medicine men and mediums, visiting a psychologist, and fighting stress and internal “demons.” How safe are these techniques, can you practice them?

Allergy Free Pills

Today, allergy in its spread across the world takes catastrophic proportions. A significant proportion of allergy sufferers are people with allergic bronchial asthma. And for many, the prospect of life-long treatment and taking pills, inhalations, and even using hormonal drugs is depressing .Many, contrary to the advice of the doctor, are climbing the Internet for recipes for the treatment of asthma without medication. It is important to understand that allergies, including those in the form of bronchial asthma of atopic genesis, are pathologies associated with the breakdown of the immune system. Once a person starts to react inadequately to an allergen, the body will always act according to this scenario, meeting it again and again. Therefore, the main treatment for allergies should be the maximum separation with the allergen. But it is good, if it is a rare or exotic substance, more difficult, when house dust, plant pollen, substances surrounding a person every day become allergens. Is it possible in this case instead of medication to apply non-traditional treatments?

Bronchial asthma and unconventional treatment

According to the majority of doctors, various methods of unconventional treatment of allergic bronchial asthma should be treated critically and with great doubt. And the more so it is impossible in their favor to refuse to take drugs. According to Maureen George, AAFA (American Allergy and Asthma Fund), a physician and medical adviser, alternative therapy can be used not as an alternative to traditional therapy, but as an addition to it. In addition, if it is bronchial asthma, allergic origin, and especially severe, all the methods used must meet two conditions:

  • For them, there should be no negative interactions with basic therapy.
  • The use of unconventional methods of exposure in no way replaces all medical appointments.

The specialist notes that many non-drug methods of treatment have a positive and quite pronounced effect, and some of them, according to patients, have positive changes, but they are not confirmed by science. In addition, for many methods that are proposed to treat asthma, there is no safety data. Therefore, all their actions should be discussed in advance with your doctor.

Safe and dangerous methods: stress management, herbs, homeopathy

Today offers a huge number of techniques that promise a cure for atopic asthma and allergies. But most of these techniques have no scientific evidence, will not bring benefits, and in many cases will lead to serious exacerbations and weighting attacks. Many questions are caused by methods of treatment such as breathing according to Buteyko or Strelnikova, yoga, herbal medicine and acupuncture, taking homeopathic remedies.

With regard to herbal medicine, it is worthwhile to immediately warn patients that if bronchial asthma is triggered by pollen of plants, then such practices can become dangerous. There is always a risk of cross-allergy to herbal ingredients. In addition, for this pathology there is no clear data on the effect, mechanism of action and side effects. If it is herbal, the situation is even more difficult.

There are also no data on homeopathic treatment and acupuncture, therefore their effects are very doubtful.

Asthma Breath Control

Many asthmatics themselves know that deep forced breathing, especially in conditions of frost, heat or smoke, can provoke seizures. Therefore, regarding various respiratory practices, there is evidence of their positive effect on the patients’ condition. All exercises related to proper breathing are conducted only in addition to the main treatment, but not in any way replacing it. If you regularly engage in respiratory gymnastics, it allows you to increase the functional reserves of the lungs and strengthens the respiratory muscles, improves blood oxygenation and does not lead to bronchospasm. It is necessary to train breathing gently and gradually, under the control of health, the slightest indisposition – this is the reason for the termination of classes.

Nutritional Changes

Given that atopic asthma is one of the options for allergies, the immune system in this state is in an excited and overloaded condition. Therefore, changes in nutrition can positively affect the general condition. But this concerns a hypoallergenic diet, elimination of potentially dangerous and cross-allergens from food. If it is any exotic food, food supplements with questionable composition, fasting or a significant limitation of nutritional components, develops   stress, which adversely affects the general condition and can lead to asthma exacerbation. Therefore, asthmatics is shown to have a rational nutrition that is rich in all the necessary nutrients, without excess calories and irritating allergenic compounds (dyes, preservatives, E-supplements).

The role of stress in the genesis of asthma

It is known that stress is significant and destructive to the body. For allergy sufferers, anxiety, physical overload and psychological stress are provocateurs of seizures. A change in the hormonal background against stressful situations leads to activation   discharge   mast cell histamine. It triggers an allergic reaction mechanism, including spasm of the bronchi. Therefore, one of the methods of non-drug treatment is psychotherapy, which normalizes the emotional background, teaches to live with your illness and deal with stresses and feelings. Having accepted and realized their problem, having determined for themselves the directions in treatment, it is much easier for patients to deal with seizures and take control of their pathology.

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