Asthma and osteoporosis

Researchers at the National University of South Korea in Seoul National University ) found an association between asthma and low vitamin D levels associated with the risk of osteoporosis in people with asthma. Studies have found that among 45% of patients there was osteopenia , and 6% had osteoporosis. In the group of people without bronchial asthma, these figures were 30% and 4%. In addition, patients with asthma showed a marked decrease in bone mineral density in the region of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine.

Comment: in general, osteoporosis in asthma develops, as a rule, not from vitamin D deficiency, but from the systematic use of corticosteroids, which have a catabolic effect and lead not only to loss of calcium but also protein. The claims made by the manufacturers of aerosolized hormones that they only act locally and do not affect metabolism are a ruse to reassure consumers. It is enough to read the GINA report to be convinced of the opposite.

Asthma and prematurity

A group of scientists from Britain, America and Holland conducted an extensive study that showed that children who were born prematurely most often suffer from respiratory disorders. Particularly frequent among them are cases of asthma, sniffling and wheezing. The authors analyzed more than thirty scientific papers on respiratory problems in children (the data covered more than one and a half million babies). It turned out that children who were born prematurely are 46% more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases, including respiratory pathologies at an early age.

Scientists note that today approximately 11% of children are born prematurely. At the same time, the number of survivors is increasing due to the improvement of obstetric and neonatal technologies. Therefore, it is extremely important to take into account possible health problems for babies in advance in order to be able to warn them in time.

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