Asthma can be alleviated by high consumption of vegetables and exercise

A new study showed that the best way to control asthma symptoms on a regular basis is to consume a high amount of fresh vegetables, as well as exercise.

The study, conducted in Japan, by the National Center for Health and Medicine, for the very first time, subject to a healthy lifestyle, rather than medical treatment. A doctor, Motoyasu Iikura, from the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Medical Center in Tokyo, stated that patients with asthma are especially required to lead a healthy lifestyle. The study involved 437 adults who were diagnosed with asthma. As the study progressed, factors such as lifestyle and habits, such as preference for drinks, exercise, nutrition, and degree of control of symptoms, were considered.

Researchers have determined that people who exercise at least an hour a week, and also eat five servings of fresh vegetables a day, manage to control the symptoms of respiratory distress more effectively.

The study also showed that the body mass index (BMI), which is commonly used to determine the degree of obesity, was not associated with the control of asthma symptoms.

event_note February 3, 2020

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