Asthma relief

What to do if exacerbation of bronchial asthma occurs after acute respiratory infections?
Usually, in such a situation, preventive (basic) treatment is enhanced, including doubling the dose of inhaled hormones.

How long does acolate treatment last if the medicine helps?
As with any anti-asthmatic prophylactic treatment, for drugs such as acolate, there is no such thing as a course. The treatment is carried out for a long time, often for many years.

Is it necessary to take antitussive tablets for bronchial asthma?
Coughing is a manifestation of asthma, so the main treatment is anti-asthma. At the same time, antitussive drugs are usually not taken. The fight against asthma will be successful – there will be no cough. An exception is the combination of asthma with some forms of bronchitis, however, such situations are very rare.

What anti-fever medications can I take with an aspirin-asthma patient?
If there is a need to bring down the heat, then those who suffer from aspirin asthma are prescribed paracetamol, because it is much less likely than all other antipyretic drugs to cause unwanted reactions. However, with aspirin intolerance, it is better not to take any antipyretic and analgesic drugs.

What anti-asthma drugs can be taken in early pregnancy?
Of the inhaled hormones, beclomethasone is the safest; of the bronchodilator drugs, salbutamol. Intal is widely used. Tylade is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy. However, if due to the mother’s illness the fetus is at risk of hypoxia, all necessary anti-asthma drugs are acceptable, since the harm to the child from a lack of oxygen is much more serious.

What to do with thrush, which appeared as a result of inhalation of becotide?
A preventive measure is rinsing the mouth and throat with water after each inhalation of becotide, as well as the use of a spacer (a flask into which the medicine is first injected, and then the drug is inhaled into the bronchi). If thrush has developed, it is recommended that you definitely use a spacer, and also start rinsing your mouth 3-4 times a day with soda solution and infusion of chamomile, sucking nystatin or levorin tablets. The decision to change becotide to another medicine is made only by the doctor.

What is a Frolov apparatus?
Frolov’s apparatus is a device with which breathing is trained, gradually lengthening the exhalation. Used in one of the types of breathing exercises.

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