Asthmatic condition

An asthmatic condition is a phenomenon expressed in the increasing resistance of the body to drugs for expanding bronchial tissues and coughing. All asthmatic conditions are divided into two varieties – metabolic asthmatic state and anaphylactic asthmatic state. In the case of an anaphylactic asthmatic condition, developing due to an immune response, a severe attack of acute asphyxiation develops.

Diagnosis of an asthmatic condition is carried out on the basis of detailed historical data, information about typical characteristics of an attack of acute shortness of breath, an increase in the number of eosinophils in the blood more than usual. In this case, the number of eosinophils, as a rule, is most in the outgoing sputum. In addition, the diagnosis takes into account an allergy study, in which dermatological or provocative tests and tests, immunoglobulin tests are performed. Favorable data of anamnesis, clinical manifestations, X-ray studies and laboratory tests make it possible to exclude the phenomenon of obstruction of bronchial origin in the case of nonspecific and specific inflammatory processes of the internal organs of the respiratory system, diseases of fibrous tissue, worms, a foreign object or tumor in the bronchi, disorders of the hemodynamics process and other diseases, relating to the tissue of the bronchi.

Therapy of an asthmatic condition should be carried out according to individual criteria. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the differences in the course of the asthmatic state, the stage of development of the disease, the presence or absence of complications, the presence or absence of diseases accompanying the asthmatic state, the tolerance or intolerance of certain drugs and their most effective use for one day.

You can roughly outline the stages of following a patient with an asthmatic condition in special institutions: a regular clinic, an immunologist’s immunologist’s office, an allergy department, registration and ongoing monitoring at the last medical institution.  

In the case of atonic asthmatic condition, mainly excluding therapy is indicated, that is, if possible, absolute exclusion of patient contact with an irritating factor. If it was possible to find out the nature of the allergen, but it is impossible to limit the patient from contact with him, then a special lowering sensitivity to this allergen is prescribed. This treatment regimen is implemented in special allergological centers at the latent stage of the course of the disease. Patients suffering from asthmatic conditions in an atonic form are prescribed Intal sprayed with a special inhaler.  

In the case when the asthmatic condition occurs, accompanied by other manifestations of allergies, a ketotifen drug is prescribed. Both drugs begin to act over time.

If the above drugs do not give a positive effect, glucocorticoids are prescribed. If the disease proceeds in moderate form, glucocorticoids are prescribed in inhaled form. In severe asthmatic conditions, the drug is prescribed prednisone, the dose of which is gradually reduced after the manifestation of a positive effect. If the patient is allergic to food, a strict diet is prescribed. Patients suffering from an infectious type of asthmatic condition undergo auto-vaccine and hetero-vaccine therapy. Vaccine therapy is carried out in a hospital setting of a specialized medical institution.

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