Diesel exhaust fumes are harmful to health

Researchers at Deakin University under the leadership of Lee Ackland found that diesel exhaust is much more harmful to human health than the exhaust fumes of biodiesel powered by vegetable fuels. These scientists compared the effects of diesel engine exhaust and biodiesel exhaust on cells taken from the human respiratory tract. Experiments have shown that the exhaust fumes of a diesel engine running on standard diesel fuel kill airway cells. Biodiesel has a much less harmful effect on human health.

This study is designed to encourage Australian people to use fuel that does not harm human health and the environment. Associate Professor Lee Akland said that the use of diesel fuel not only pollutes the environment, but also causes people to have respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma. A prolonged effect on the person of the emissions of this fuel causes the appearance of heart disease. Work has already begun to replace gasoline and diesel fuel with clean biofuel, such as biodiesel, although it is very difficult.

The effect of diesel fuel on human respiratory cells is the most harmful. During combustion, fuel emits solid non-combustible particles into the air, which, getting into the respiratory tract, destroy cells designed to protect the body from infectious diseases, as well as performing many other functions. These particles settle not only in the upper respiratory tract, but also penetrate into the deep layers of the bronchi and lungs, causing cell death there too.

event_note February 12, 2020

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