Peak flow meter for asthmatics

In everyday life, many special medical devices have to be used, which are designed to independently control certain parameters of the physical state of the body. These devices include a peak flow meter, which is used to measure the expiratory flow rate.

In case of bronchial asthma and other pulmonary diseases, this device becomes indispensable. It also helps control blood pressure in hypertension and diabetes. To measure and record the expiratory flow rate, you will need to contact a medical specialist who will conduct a professional procedure. But the use of the device remains relevant for self-control.

The device will help diagnose and determine the degree of development of the disease, prescribe the correct treatment method. The data obtained through the use of a peak flow meter allows you to draw up a plan of action for exacerbation of bronchial asthma. Many doctors recommend that patients use these devices.

The device is based on a three-zone system. The bottom line is to divide the scale of the device into several zones, each of which carries a semantic load:

  • green – therapeutic measures should be taken, consult a doctor regarding the necessary procedures;
  • yellow – undergo intensive therapy and unscheduled examination;
  • red – urgent measures are being taken to relieve acute symptoms of bronchial asthma or other lung disease.

The measurement technique assumes that they need to be carried out twice a day before taking medications. Various manufacturers offer original and functional devices for measuring the expiratory flow rate.

A peak flow meter is an indispensable device for asthmatics. The compact and self-contained device can be carried with you. Measuring with it does not require the use of additional equipment. To learn how to use this simple technique, you need to carefully study the instructions. You also need to remember about the correct operation of such a unit and keep it clean.

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