Technique of execution, pros and cons of breathing exercises when coughing

Due to a severe cough, which lasts for several days, a person cannot sleep well, do not allow him to live and work normally. And since fatigue and a runny nose are added, complications may appear.

To get rid of seizures, expectorant drugs, antibiotics, and allergy medications are prescribed. Special breathing exercises can also help.

This is a set of exercises that allow you to remove this obsessive symptom. Refers to exercise therapy, that is, exercise therapy.

Exercise helps clear up phlegm, as well as reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, and help mobilize the body’s defenses.

The work of the lungs regulates many processes in the body. Gymnastics helps replenish energy, allows damaged tissues to return to normal faster. At the time of training, the body can rest and gain strength.

Exercises to normalize breathing can be performed by persons of any age. The effect will be visible if everything is done exactly as the doctor says. Classes are held in a well-ventilated room. The easier you breathe during exercise, the better the effect.

Diseases develop and progress in different ways. To choose the right treatment tactics, the doctor first diagnoses. It is difficult to beat a cough if it is not clear what causes it.


Respiratory gymnastics is prescribed if, after the diagnosis, one of the diagnoses was established:

  • dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • bronchitis;
  • neurosis;
  • diabetes mellitus and others.

Another reason to use exercise therapy in therapy is spinal diseases, acute respiratory viral infections, heart disease, atherosclerosis. You can do it at home or on the street, usually the second option is recommended.

The cough is often with or without phlegm. This is a protective reaction of the body. It appears if there are foreign particles in the respiratory system.

A dry cough is unproductive and does not help get rid of phlegm. Therefore, it does not go away by itself and brings suffering to the patient.

Coughing up phlegm helps clear the airways. The fluid carries mucus with it, in which bacteria develop. If the sputum does not go away, treatment is considered ineffective.


Although there are many advantages to this treatment, not all patients can use it. Occupations are contraindicated for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

I also do not recommend breathing exercises for such diseases:

  1. high pressure;
  2. heart attack;
  3. a high degree of myopia or glaucoma;
  4. oncology;
  5. thrombosis;
  6. heat;
  7. tumors;
  8. pain.

Gymnastics should not be done if the patient has diseases from the field of psychiatry, bleeding, severe pathologies. Especially it is necessary to be wary if the ESR indicator is increased .


The treatment is carried out several times a day. Respiratory gymnastics is designed so that the muscles responsible for breathing work, inflammation stops spreading, blood vessels work better.

Through exercise and breathing, the effectiveness of the immune system increases. Sputum also liquefies.

The advantage of this treatment is the acceleration of metabolism, involvement of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs in the process. Often, such breathing exercises are prescribed for active children, after which they become more balanced.

In this case, kids perceive it as a game.


Gymnastics for children is different from activities for adults. But all categories of patients must follow some rules:

  • A small cough cannot stop the exercise.
  • If you cannot clear your throat for a long time, you must stop the treatment.
  • You can train in a warm room without drafts.
  • Before class, you need to wipe the dust and floors with a wet rag.
  • Warm up before exercising.
  • To maintain the effect, massage should be performed after exercise.
  • If there is a cough, breathing exercises should be combined with physiotherapy.
  • To improve the process, you can use essential oils or a salt burner.

Exercise should not be bad, the attitude should be positive. It is important that the patient does not have a fever. Different methods of work have been developed, Strelnikova’s program is especially popular.

For adults

All exercises are done lying down, preparation is needed before starting. No pillow needed, a rug spreads on the floor. After that, the exercises are performed:

  • Hands are placed on the diaphragm, when you inhale, you need to press the diaphragm, when you exhale, you inflate your stomach. About 30 approaches are performed.
  • The patient lies down on inhalation, and on exhalation sits down. Approaches are considered by the doctor.
  • Lying down, you need to draw in air with the sound y, while exhaling, pronounce a. Further, you can use other sounds.

The exercises can be done while standing. To warm up, you can walk for a couple of minutes. In this case, it is necessary to raise the limbs higher.

For kids

Children’s activities help fight cough and other signs of SARS. Each exercise should not be performed more than 15 times.

Children stand up, spread their arms to the sides. When inhaling, you need to bend forward, while exhaling, you need to relax the muscles and return to the starting position.

On inhalation, hands must be clasped into the lock. When exhaling, make sharp turns to the right and left. After a break and a new repetition.

Small children are not very capable of such breathing exercises, but they try to repeat the movements after adults.

The ball is pressed to the chest, then, on the exhale, it is thrown to another person. To make the process more precise, you can say different words. Babies are given only massage.

The duration of therapy is determined individually based on the diagnosis and analyzes.

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