The danger of chest cough without fever, its features of manifestation, directions for treatment

A cough is a defensive reaction from the body’s respiratory system to fight viruses, allergens and dirt.

If it appears, then the immune system is fighting the disease. Chest cough without fever can talk about the pathology of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system disease, bronchitis. It could also be the start of a cold.

How to treat chest cough

There are different ways to treat chest cough without fever: medication and non-traditional.

Doctors prescribe medications in various forms to get rid of coughs, and may also advise on some traditional medicine recipes, such as breast collection, herbal tea, and other treatments.


To quickly remove a chest cough, a specialist must conduct a diagnosis for the correct diagnosis. Proper treatment for chest cough without fever should fight the underlying cause, not the symptoms.

If a cough appears due to SARS or allergies, you will need to take medications for:

  • prompt removal of sputum;
  • reducing the intensity of cough;
  • better sputum discharge;
  • fight inflammation;
  • enhancing the immune response;
  • combating allergies;
  • elimination of the action of a fungal infection.

If the disease is difficult, remedies can be used to relieve symptoms, as well as antibiotics and vitamins.

All medicines that are used to treat chest cough without fever are divided into several groups.

  1. Central, they act on the brain, its department, which is responsible for the production of cough. In this case, Libexin or Codeine can help. You can use them only after consulting a doctor, because uncontrolled intake can cause side effects.
  2. Peripheral, which act locally in the lungs. They make the mucous membranes softer, but at the same time cover them with a film, protecting them from the action of bacteria. Diphenhydramine is used to treat allergies, and ACC is suitable for colds.

At home, it is advised to inhale with natural essential oils to make breathing easier. To do this, you can buy special devices in the pharmacy – nebulizers.


If a chest cough causes chest pain due to the long course of the disease, then you cannot do without medication. Folk remedies can only help in the removal of phlegm, that is, they make a dry cough wet, and this is already an important step towards recovery.

If a person complains of nasal congestion, heavy breathing, you can use these methods.

  1. Make a compress from sunflower oil. Soak a handkerchief with a heated liquid, roll it up several times and put it on the chest, wrap it with a film, on top with a wool handkerchief. Repeat every night until the attacks are over.
  2. On the chest and back, you can draw a net of iodine, it is recommended to update it several times a day, but carefully so as not to leave burns.
  3. Mix baked milk with mineral water and honey. If you have a strong cough in the morning and evening, you should drink a glass of this hot mixture. A spoonful of honey and 50 milliliters of mineral water are taken for 100 grams of milk .
  4. At night, you can make compresses from a mixture of mustard, vodka and oil. Heat the oil, add the rest of the ingredients. This remedy accelerates blood flow, which will help the immune system to cope with the disease faster.
  5. Boil the potatoes in their skins, then crush and mix with honey, apply the gruel on the back. Leave this way until the mixture hardens.
  6. An infusion of mother-and-stepmother herb is brewed in a glass of boiling water. After that you have to wait a couple of hours. Drink three times a day as tea.

You can use any folk recipes only after talking with your doctor. A cough is not always a sign of an infection or allergy; it may indicate a thyroid disease or cancer.

Medicinal herbs can be dangerous for certain conditions. A common cold can go away without medication, but pneumonia or severe bronchitis cannot.

If you are treated only with herbs, you can greatly delay the healing process, so it is best to combine the achievements of modern medicine and the experience of our ancestors.

But we must remember that choosing antibiotics on your own can also be dangerous. Only a doctor can determine the exact cause of chest cough without fever.


In order not to get sick, you must:

  • choose clothes for the weather;
  • take vitamins in spring and autumn;
  • in case of seasonal diseases, keep away from the sick;
  • wear a mask where there are many people;
  • do not run colds and other diseases;
  • do not contact with substances that cause an allergy attack;
  • start treatment at the first symptoms of the disease.

If the cough has not yet begun, but your throat hurts, your nose is blocked, you can start using gargling with salt, soda and antiseptics.

This should be done several times a day, you will have to endure if the sensations are not the most pleasant. In the absence of temperature, you can soar your feet, drink hot tea.

You can quickly recover only if all measures are followed. The drugs should be taken in a course, without missing an appointment and be sure to finish the last pills from the pack, especially when it comes to antibiotics. Untreated coughing can lead to complications.

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