What is asthma?

Asthma is one of the very common diseases. And children are especially susceptible to it – they make up about 60% of all patients. In order to protect yourself from it, it is necessary to observe preventive measures.
About bronchial asthma, first of all, it is necessary for mothers to know. This disease often accompanies children, although then they “survive” it. The reason for this is the immunity that has not yet formed, which strengthens with age and successfully fights the disease.

Bronchial asthma is an inflammation of the airways. In itself, it is not very dangerous, side effects – bronchospasm – are much more unpleasant. These are asthma attacks that must be stopped immediately, otherwise a person begins to suffocate.

Asthma is distinguished for the reason that causes an exacerbation, an attack of the disease. Allergic bronchial asthma is a disease in which any allergen caught in the respiratory tract can cause bronchospasm.

With non-allergic asthma, a person reacts to internal factors – excitement, illness, unacceptable food.

But most often mixed bronchial asthma occurs. This form also accompanies patients in the later stages of the disease.


Symptoms of asthma are very diverse. At the initial stage, they can be taken for a cold.

Cough. Persistent cough, unpleasant, without sputum discharge. Cough begins to intensify after physical exertion, in cold air or at night.

Wheezing They are heard even at a distance, caused by the fact that the air vibrates, with force passing through the narrowed airways.

Dyspnea. A person feels that it is difficult for him to exhale. This is manifested during physical exertion, a state of excitement.

Suffocation. This symptom cannot be ignored. A person begins to choke in the truest sense of the word.

Treatment for bronchial asthma is prescribed only by a doctor. For this, there are now many drugs, for example, Alvesco.


Asthma often occurs amid untreated bronchitis. Therefore, an important condition for mom will be timely and complete treatment of all diseases of the respiratory tract of the child. Even if the baby catches a cold often, every time it is necessary to bring the matter to a full recovery. This is especially true for families where allergic diseases are common.


If you or your loved ones have asthma, you must avoid substances that irritate the respiratory tract. They depend on the type of asthma.

For the allergic, these are all allergens. Pollen of plants, dust, smoke, chemical components of household chemicals, mold.

With non-allergic, it is necessary to avoid excessive physical exertion, stressful situations.

In any case, once you have been able to understand what causes the seizures, you should avoid contact with this substance.

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