Asthma and Asthmatics: Myths and Reality

In recent years, asthma is diagnosed more and more often. This is a chronic disease of the respiratory system, which is accompanied by attacks of suffocation during increased physical and / or emotional stress. Asthma can manifest as a complication of acquired allergies, as well as develop from birth.
Literally in the past decade, this pathology was considered predominantly “adult”, but now the number of sick children is constantly growing.
Given the rapid spread of this disease, it is becoming an increasingly popular topic for discussion in certain circles. Because of this, there are a large number of myths about bronchial asthma in the people, which must be distinguished from reality for their own good.

Myth one. Bronchial asthma is an exclusively hereditary pathology.
Reality: In fact, this is a serious misconception. Any person has the probability of getting asthma, even if his relatives have never suffered from this disease. However, if your family has problems with asthma, you will have at least two times more chance than other people.

The second myth. Appropriate treatment of bronchial asthma can save a person from this pathology forever.
Reality: Given the fact that asthma is a chronic disease, it is almost impossible to cure it completely. You can only achieve the stage of complete remission (the absence of any manifestations of the disease), but this does not mean that asthma will never occur again.

The third myth. Bronchial asthma appears in all allergies.
Reality: Not exactly. Unfortunately, modern medicine has not managed to find out the real causes of asthma, however, it cannot be said that it appears only in allergy sufferers. The presence of allergies does not guarantee the appearance of bronchial asthma.

Myth Four. Treatment of cardiac and bronchial asthma is carried out exactly the same.
Reality: Although the symptoms of bronchial asthma are somewhat similar to signs of cardiac asthma, the treatment of these diseases is significantly different. Moreover, the use of similar drugs can lead to serious consequences.

The fifth myth. Bronchial asthma is treated only with hormonal drugs.
Reality: There are a large number of drugs for the treatment of asthma, which include no hormones.

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