Asthma from insulation

The cause of health problems is the dust and tar released by mineral wool. This building material is used as a heater, and in houses equipped with ventilated facades, the norms for the content of harmful substances are exceeded.
Particles of mineral dust that enters apartments due to the destruction of the insulation penetrate deep into the lungs and cause the development of bronchial asthma and bronchitis, and if it comes into contact with the skin, skin diseases. The same applies to phenol-formaldehyde resins, which are a binding component of insulation and can provoke various respiratory diseases, including cancer. There are still several phenolic houses in Moscow built under socialism using “modern” technology. Concrete slabs were filled with phenol-formaldehyde insulation. Over time, the plates cracked, and the residents began to inhale the vapors of the decaying insulation. At that time, practically the inhabitants of all these houses suffered from oncology and diseases of the respiratory system. Well, if we talk about harmless heaters, then they include materials from expanded polystyrene. Well, from the latest developments, stone wool tile insulation can be noted, where formaldehyde resins are not used as binders. Instead, organic environmentally friendly substances are used.

Asthma after swimming

How do swimming pools cause asthma?

British scientists have found that the chlorine content in swimming pools adversely affects the health of children and can lead not only to the development of various forms of allergies, but also to asthma. Scientists have concluded that the high concentration of chemicals that people encounter on a daily basis – detergents, chlorine in swimming pools – is associated with a five-fold increase in allergy cases over the past decades. Young children, like no one else, suffer from the effects of harmful substances, since their body is not yet fully formed, in addition, babies often swallow water when bathing. Fifty athletes were selected for the study, the results of the survey showed the presence of inflammation of the lung tissue in almost all of them, which is explained by their frequent stay in the pool. Scientists are doing more research on this issue.

Comment: It’s not just about chlorine, but also about chemicals that are used to clean pools, as well as microorganisms that enter the water from the skin, limbs and crotch of unscrupulous citizens. So the best advice would be: if you don’t want to catch an infection, skin disease, or asthma, don’t go to public pools.

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