Asthma: myths and reality

Viktor Nikolaevich Solopov, pulmonologist, candidate of medical sciences, author of several inventions, put forward a new theory about the origin of asthma.

More and more people suffer from bronchial asthma every year. Medicine has reached a dead end, making a proposal to abandon the term “asthma” altogether. The head of the Asthma-Service medical center, Viktor SOLOPOV, helps us to understand the intricacies and causes of this insidious disease.
– Viktor Nikolaevich, many people still think that allergies always accompany asthma and sometimes cause it. As far as I know, you have a different opinion on this matter. – As sad as it is to state this fact, but today medicine has come to the conclusion that the cause of asthma is unknown. And what used to be considered the causes, began to be called risk factors. Literally everything was attributed to them: genetic predisposition, and respiratory infections, and hyperreactivity of the respiratory tract, and allergens, and non-compliance with hygiene standards, etc. Since these very triggering factors cannot be counted, now you can generally bury the search for the only cause of the disease. But it doesn’t happen that one person has asthma from aspirin, another from an orange, and a third from a cockroach. This is contrary to everything that science has developed over hundreds of years: every disease must have a specific cause. A hundred years ago, it was determined that, for example, cholera is caused by vibrio cholerae, the plague is caused by a plague bacillus. When doctors were able to find the causes of infectious diseases, the era of vaccination began. Many diseases have disappeared, and chronic diseases, which include asthma, have become the main problem of our time. If you think about it, such allergens as plant pollen, dust, oranges and many others were familiar to mankind thousands of years ago, but then no one knew what an allergy or bronchial asthma. This disease began to be described in detail 150-200 years ago. However, at that time, cases of the disease were isolated, and now from 250 to 500 million people suffer from asthma in the world. Scientists are faced with two phenomena – asthma and allergies. In the end, it turned out that asthma is sometimes accompanied by allergies, and sometimes not, and vice versa – an allergic person is not necessarily an asthmatic. At this stage, the international community of scientists closed this issue and proclaimed something like this: “That’s it! We don’t know what causes asthma.” It was then that we began to closely deal with this issue, and have been dealing with it for the past five years. It turned out that the true cause that causes both bronchial asthma and allergies is the yeast-like fungus Candida – the same one that causes thrush and which for some reason is considered to be unpleasant, but harmless.
– Is there any practical confirmation of the validity of your theory? Yes, of course. Since our main goal is to cure the sick, we started with practical observations. The search algorithm was quite simple. Allergic reactions and asthma are known to be linked to the immune system. And immunity is what protects a person from infectious diseases and everything else, and first of all, from various microorganisms. Therefore, we decided, it is possible that a certain microorganism causes a certain defect in immunity, and a person begins to react not only to an infection, but also to everything that people have normally perceived for thousands of years. And we decided to look at which microorganism prevails in asthma patients, and how it can confuse the immune system. It turned out that asthmatics are predominantly “inhabited” by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida : they were found in the lungs in 70% of patients, and in the intestines – in 99.8%! Moreover, these fungi do not just live on the mucous membranes of the body, but grow into them. And thus, as if they form an alien tissue. And the immune system cannot kill these candida, because then the body’s own tissue will also be damaged. And so he switches his work to the synthesis of allergic antibodies, trying to bind everything alien. This is how ordinary substances become allergens.
In addition, there is a connection between candida and asthma. 50 years ago, only 5-10% of the total population were carriers of candida. After 20 years, there were already 20-30% of candida carriers, and today they are about 70% of the total number of people! Similar growth rates are observed among asthmatics, that is, the number of candida carriers and asthma patients is growing absolutely synchronously!
– In this case, talking about hereditary asthma is already pointless?
– The statement that asthma can be inherited has always been very controversial, because it is often not confirmed by practice. Let me give you a couple of interesting facts. For example, two identical twins are born: one has asthma from birth to death, and the second does not even know what it is. After all, such twins are people with the same set of genes. Then what kind of genetic predisposition can we talk about? Or how to explain that the wife has asthma, and suddenly, after 10 years, the husband falls ill. They are not blood relatives! This means that the disease is transmitted in other ways: domestic and sexual. And this is another confirmation of our theory. Therefore, if one of the partners has thrush, you need to fight it, and the sooner the better.
As we found out, there is no genetic inheritance, but there is a direct route of transmission from mother to child. After all, today 90% of newborns, passing through the birth canal, become infected with thrush fungi. Those who have a strong immune system defeat microbes, and those who have a weak one are at risk of becoming allergic and asthmatic. – Tell me, is the incidence rate related to the environmental situation in the country, and indeed to lifestyle? – Ecology has no relationship to the development of asthma. Looking at the statistics, we will notice that the highest incidence rate in English-speaking countries is up to 35%. Ecological problems have long been solved there, but fast food is abused there . So far, statistics in Russia are not so frightening, but we are gradually moving to a Western way of life, and the consequences can be the most unpredictable. Improper nutrition is one of the provoking factors for the spread of candida in the body. First of all, you should abandon the excessive consumption of yeast -containing products: bread, beer, breaded meat and fish dishes, blue cheeses. Eat more dairy products and vegetables that contain special carbohydrates, the so-called fructooligosaccharides .
– Some doctors call asthma a disease of centenarians, others call it a death sentence? Where, in your opinion, is the truth? – As for the disease of centenarians, I categorically disagree. But it is too early to pass a death sentence. On average, from the onset of asthma, people live without life-threatening problems for 35-40 years, although severe disability can occur in 10-15 years. That is, if a person falls ill, say, at 50, then, most likely, this will not affect his life expectancy in any way – with the exception of cases of sudden death. But if a child falls ill at the age of 3, then by the age of 40 he can become severely disabled, or even die. A disease that has appeared since childhood “eats up” growth reserves – and this is doubly worse. – Viktor Nikolayevich, what would you advise asthmatics? Of course, proper treatment is important for an asthmatic, or rather maintaining health. Here, in my opinion, is the correct algorithm of action: 1) assess the severity of the formed disorders; 2) restore normal airway patency; 3) clear the bronchi of accumulated mucus and eliminate the inflammatory process; 4) cleanse the body of candida fungi, for example, by additionally using acidified lemon juice water – 3-4 glasses a day; 5) the solution of these problems and maintaining the achieved level of health will never lead to asthma again. But these problems can only be solved by cooperating with a specialist doctor. In addition, you should play sports, eat right, harden, and asthma will never be a sentence for you.

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