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You can talk about asthma endlessly. But better,

as they say, to see once than hear a hundred times. For more credibility, Dr. V.N. Solopov showed me an eloquent poster depicting healthy and diseased bronchi. This sight is not for the faint of heart: they resemble a spring that is squeezed all the way down, the narrow lumen of which is covered with greenish mucus. How not to let the deadly enemy in the body?


Not only did we have the opportunity to be born in the age of change, we also managed to live in an era of chronic diseases. This is earlier, in the bearded years, denoted today “BC. er. “, our ancestors threw poisoned arrows at each other and died in agony from cleverly prepared poisons.

Thousands of cities died out from plague and cholera epidemics.

Fortunately, only descriptions of these monstrous plagues and dry statistical calculations have reached our days. A modern man who has not regretted the time and

money for vaccinations, can go on a trip to the rainforests and, most importantly, return from there without consequences in the form of strange fevers and, God knows, what other misfortunes. And even the unfortunate, stung by a poisonous insect or snake, will extricate themselves from the nets of death, if there is an antidote at hand. In short, our contemporary, like Baron Munchhausen, can pull himself out of a pigtail from almost any sudden life-threatening situation. But he will not be able to – experts will help him.

That’s just learning to win in one thing, people relaxed. Nature, however, needs humanity to constantly evolve. So he and threw a new puzzle – chronic ailments. Our “heroine” asthma is among them.

– Chronic diseases develop for a long time, but, in the end, they conquer the human body completely, – explains Victor Nikolayevich. – For greater clarity, imagine that an acute situation is when a new car crashes into a pole. It may be possible to restore it to its original state. Chronic situation – when the owner of a new car is ruining for 20 years. Acute illness is treated radically. With chronic need to fight a very long time. While the medical community tends to treat the chronicles for life. This is a dead end.

Talk to any asthmatic with experience. Previously, his life looked like this: asthma was discovered, the doctor gives him eufillin first, then a bronchodilator balloon. This helps, but gradually the effect of drugs weakens, and then they stop helping at all. Smart people rush to the doctor, unintelligent – try to inhale the aerosol from this spray to the end. Hence, epidemics of sudden death, when the dead were found with cartridges in their hands … After weakening the action of the can, the doctor prescribes hormonal inhalers or pills to the patient. Soon they stop helping. The doctor increases the dose.

Then a person somewhere overtakes an attack, he gets into intensive care. And now he is prescribed hormones for life. And after a dozen or a couple of decades, the patient’s body begins to literally fall apart from these medicines …

If asthma is found today, the person almost immediately begins to stuff hormones. Now, however, there are also hormonal aerosols in cans, which, according to their developers, act more gently and, ostensibly, do not give side effects. In fact, the lumen of the bronchi in patients is so small that 80 percent of the drug does not penetrate into them, but is excreted with mucus and enters the gastrointestinal tract. As you can see, this technology does not differ from tablets.


I think, having learned the details of life with “pneumonic plague XXI”, none of the readers will want to replenish the coughing rows of asthmatics. But, the trouble is, it is not so easy to cut off asthma. Protect yourself, for example, from poisoning is possible if you buy products in the supermarket, and not in a dubious tent. Insure your own life against HIV infection – if you do not take drugs and avoid promiscuous sex. With asthma prevention everything is more confusing. Not only that the mechanisms causing it are still not open, there can be a lot of reasons for provoking the disease.

Among them are genetic predisposition, and allergies, and respiratory hyperresponsiveness, and gender, and racial and ethnicity. House dust and allergens of animals, cockroaches, mushrooms and pollen, smoking (active and passive) and air pollution are all the most active provocateurs. But they also list physical exertion, respiratory infections, changes in weather conditions, sulfur dioxide, food products and supplements, drugs, excessive emotional stress, household aerosols, odors and paints. All this is a healthy person should be avoided so that he does not get sick, according to the authors of the International Report GINA 2002 (“Global initiative for Asthma” – “Global strategy for the treatment and prevention of asthma”). Even more wary of the above hazards should asthmatics in order to avoid attacks. But how?! After all, our daily life just consists of these very risk factors!

“I would say this: for each individual person, the prevention of asthma is tantamount to actions aimed at avoiding a tsunami or typhoon,” says Dr. Solopov. – If they are not meaningless, then they are ineffective. Not a single person is immune from asthma, not a single person can say to himself: I’m doing this and I’ll not get sick with asthma. This is the difficulty of preventing this disease.

– And yet, how to protect yourself?

– You can remember only one phrase. She has already imposed in her teeth, and people do not pay attention to these words. “Healthy lifestyle”. Well, who is leading him now? Who rises and falls every day at the same time? On time and properly eats? I do not smoke? Who plays sports? Do not drink a lot? Remember the “Heart of a Dog.” There, the 60-year-old professor Preobrazhensky drank a glass of vodka and ate dishes that his personal cook prepared for him. He did not eat at McDonalds. How can you talk about a healthy lifestyle when a young man walks with afrokosichkami and does not wash his hair for six months, or he does not wash himself, and the doctor’s stethoscope sticks to his back during examination at the examination? When the child comes home from school, and in the apartment, the parents smoked so much that at least hang an ax? If a person will dress comfortably, avoid hypothermia, do not carry respiratory infections on his feet, do not smoke, do gymnastics in the morning, do active sports (he develops lungs and improves their ventilation), his chance of getting asthma is quite low. A healthy lifestyle can protect a person from asthma by 50 percent for sure. But he does not guarantee that a person will not get sick of it …

– And speaking of people with the above-mentioned airway hyperresponsiveness. Are they potential asthmatics?

– Reactivity is the ability of the bronchi to respond with a slight spasm to adverse external influences: cold air, fog, intense physical exertion, unpleasant odors, dust and much more. Healthy people with normal heredity do not notice this reaction, because it is weakly expressed. In patients with asthma, reactivity is dramatically increased and is manifested by worsening of breathing or even asthma attacks. In healthy subjects with a predisposition to this disease (this is a third of the world’s population!), The reactivity of the bronchi is also increased, but it may not manifest in any way until the first symptoms of the disease appear.

– Why are these people not identified before they earn asthma?

– Do you go to the medical examination?

– Not.

– And I do not go – no time. And this should be done regularly. Theoretically, one could create asthmatic dispensaries, where the population would be totally tested for hyperreactivity. And people with the identified problem would fall into the risk group. There would also be determined and allergies. Inevitably, a person who, after eating an orange, became covered with a rash, will get asthma … This is a potential asthmatic. His immune system is already set against an orange, and she should not react that way. The immune system is evolutionarily shaped to fight against infections, not oranges. And if it reacts to orange or house dust, horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, it means that a person has an immunological defect. But there are no such dispensaries …


– Children today are becoming increasingly ill with asthma at an early age. Die from asthma. But after all, they lead, let’s say, a more correct way of life than adults?

– Children are completely dependent on their parents. For example, an asthmatic boy learns with my child at school, whose mother says: “If nature needs it, it will recover. Nature will do everything for him. ” And he can not climb the stairs! He is already blue – he lacks oxygen, as in the terminal stage of the disease! Prevention for children is even more difficult. Ignorant parents are terrible. They look through their fingers at the smoking of children, on holidays they themselves give them alcohol.

Ninety percent of parents make them go to school when they get sick. They are essentially pests: firstly, sick children infect healthy ones, and secondly, 50 percent of asthma cases begin with severe respiratory illness or pneumonia on the legs.

Prevention is also hampered by the fact that parents transfer their wrong lifestyle to children. And it does not matter that the child himself does not smoke – he breathes smoke. Passive smoking is even more harmful. Mother is walking: holding a child with one hand and a cigarette with the other. He is not something that can get asthma, he can even catch fire with her!

Another important point: when parents themselves get sick, catch a cold, for example, they call a doctor. And when it comes to a child, father and mother themselves begin to treat him, and even consult with his neighbors. Self-treatment is unacceptable – this must be remembered by both children and adults!

– To assess the severity of the disease in a child is more difficult than in an adult?

– At a certain stage in the development of a child – from one year to nine years old –

disease progression is compensated by growth reserves. Asthma “squeezes” the bronchi, and they grow in width. This creates the illusion of well-being of the situation.

– When is it worth thinking that you have not just a cough, but perhaps asthma?

“The first signs are nose problems that last for more than two or three weeks, and a cough that does not go away in the same time.” It should be alerted.

ORZH are ill with more often

– Can we say that asthma affects not only the bronchi, but also the whole body? After all, oxygen is less.

– What is the bronchi. In fact, these are air conditioner tubes that go to the filter. If the ventilation is optimal, normal gas exchange is ensured, and the body has enough oxygen. If ventilation is inadequate, there is a shortage of oxygen for the whole body. But in addition to the ventilation and gas exchange processes, others are also affected. In asthma, a person always has a secondary infection in the lungs. It means that various harmful microorganisms live on an area of ​​5 square meters, which cause intoxication and reduce the body’s resistance. And provoke respiratory infections, so asthmatics get sick more often than healthy people.

From our conversation with the doctor, we can draw the following conclusion: so that fate will not reward you with asthma, take care of yourself. After all, even such elementary things as the conditioner turned on in the car on a hot day (temperature difference is an instantaneous blow to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract) or a glass of cold drink can provoke a disease. Yes, there, any parasitosis – helminthiasis, simply, worms – can lead you to an appointment with a pulmonologist.

– A question was sent to the forum of our site: “A child against toxocariasis (these are worms with which a person becomes infected from pets – dogs and cats) developed asthma. How to cure it? ”- says Victor Nikolayevich. – I answered so. If you clear the body of parasites, asthma symptoms can go away. But if in the lungs there was a chronic inflammatory process, then asthma will progress, you will not stop it, even by removing parasites …

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