Bronchial asthma, influenza and seasonal risks

The autumn season brings many joys, but it can also bring some health problems with it.
Coughs and colds are much more common during the colder months of the year. Although a cold can make you feel unhappy for a few days, it is usually not dangerous. If necessary, experts advise contacting general practitioners for recommendations. With a cold, it is possible to prevent its spread – for example, the authors of the article advise using a handkerchief while sneezing or coughing and remembering to wash your hands. If fever and breathing problems develop, medical attention should be sought. People with asthma may find that damp or cold days cause breathing problems. For those patients who begin to experience worsening symptoms at night as autumn approaches, or who begin to feel worse at night, or who begin to interfere with daily life, the authors advise that they consult with their doctor, who will review medications and change treatment regimens if necessary. The impact of influenza on health can be very serious especially this disease poses a serious risk for infants, the elderly and anyone with respiratory illnesses. Symptoms that distinguish the flu from a cold include muscle aches that often make it difficult to get out of bed, a high fever, and a severe cough. Viral infections can also lead to throat infections. At the same time, the throat begins to inflame and hurt. When temperature, soreness and swelling of the tonsils appear, or whitish spots appear on them, if there are problems with swallowing, tonsillitis and other problems may occur, so you should be attentive to yourself and carefully monitor your well-being. As the nights become longer, some people may experience a decrease in mood and increased anxiety. A healthy diet supplemented with vitamin D supplements can help combat this. Experts also recommend including physical exercise in your daily life, which can help increase serotonin levels.

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