Exacerbation of bronchial asthma in children

The school year begins, and with it comes an increased risk of worsening health in children with asthma, the researchers report.
New data show asthma outbreaks may be more likely to occur when students return to school. Factors affecting this situation include an increase in respiratory infections and fall allergies.
American experts estimate that one in eight children in New York State has asthma, but doctors say vigorous action can keep the condition to a minimum. Careful attention to drug treatment, subsequent consultations with a doctor and the prevention of viral diseases are directly related to the effective control of bronchial asthma, the authors note. Experts also recommend that you wash your bedding once a week in hot water and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. It is important to tell children about the illness so that they know what to do if they feel worse.

event_note December 6, 2021

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