Household dust. What is the danger and how to fight

Dust is omnipresent; it penetrates through small crevices and openings. It is everywhere – from apartments to the stratosphere. But we are interested in house dust – what is the danger and how to deal with it in order to emerge victorious. 

What is part of house dust

Usually in the composition of house dust there are: pet hair; feathers of birds from pillows; insect particles; hair; mold spores; pieces of fabric, paper and much more. But the most unpleasant dust inhabitants are saprophyte mites, reminiscent of the appearance of small rhinos with cancer claws. In a small amount of dust, about a hundred grams, they contain up to three hundred pieces. The food for them is dead particles of human skin. Eating them, they secrete their own metabolic products – the main allergens in the apartment. And their carrier is dust.

Health effects of dust

Dust does not lie still, it moves around the room, because its particles are very small and light. At the same time, it spreads allergy components throughout the home. They can cause a runny nose, itching, asthma attacks, swelling. This is a kind of reaction to dust. It can be not only among asthmatics, and people with hypersensitivity to such allergens, absolutely healthy people suffer from it. For them, this causes fatigue, cough, headaches, insomnia, irritation of the membranes of the eyes. European doctors call such manifestations “sick room syndrome.”

Say no to dust

There are simple rules, following which you can save your own house from dust, thereby protecting yourself and your family.

· Most dust settles where air currents push it to the floor. These are places along the baseboards, under the windows, under the furniture. Starting cleaning, you need to “walk” through these places with a vacuum cleaner – most of the dust will be collected.

· Loves house dust going for the refrigerator. Its back wall, along which heated air circulates, is a real “refuge” of dust.  

· When working with a vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to ensure that its “exhaust” pipe does not pick up that dust that has not yet been removed. If this happens, the dust will hang in the air for a long time.

· In order for the cleaning to be of high quality, and the fight against dust efficient, there is no need to save on a dust collecting unit – a vacuum cleaner. Let him have multi-stage air filtration, this will make the house free from dust.

· Scientists urge not to wipe the dust with a wet rag. When moisture evaporates from a wiped surface, balls are formed, inside which dust particles hover in the air. Good for cleaning napkins made of wool. Woolen fabric during friction is electrified, attracting dust particles.

· The most practical are disposable paper bags for a vacuum cleaner. Dust collected in a dust collector from a fabric comes back when shaking, and inhaling it is also not safe.

· Ticks are very fond of wet environments, so do not get involved in wet cleaning. If it is necessary, then a little salt should be added to the water.

· Most of all, saprophyte mites love to settle in bedding, mattresses, blankets and pillows. But these are “gentle” creatures; they do not like the cold and direct rays of the sun. It is necessary to take out bedding in the winter in the cold, and fry it in the sun in the summer. The most environmentally friendly are blankets and pillows made of synthetic winterizer, which should replace items made of fluff and feathers.

· It is advisable to knock out carpets twice a year in the fresh air, and daily clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

· As often as possible you need to change bedding. The main food for ticks is flakes of dead skin, so when taking a shower, it is good to use scrubs to remove dead epidermal cells.


As you can see , house dust is not at all harmless. Knowing what its danger is and how to deal with it, you can secure the house. A large number of dust control products will help with this. Good luck. 

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