Nanotechnology in Asthma

Scientists from Northwestern University (USA) have created a method that allows the use of biodegradable nanoparticles in the relief of bronchial asthma. When they enter the body, they envelop the allergens in a shell, thereby hiding them from the immune system. The result is the cessation of allergic reactions at an early stage, which prevents an attack. The technology is now being tested on mice allergic to peanuts and egg protein.
According to scientists, the new method is universal – made from PLGA biopolymer, which includes glycolic and lactic acids, the nanoparticles are “refueled” depending on what kind of allergy they have to deal with. It can be ragweed pollen, particles of animal hair, etc. After the introduction of particles with an allergen, the mouse’s immune system did not show any reaction to the irritant, and subsequently the nanoparticles, taken by the body as harmless “garbage”, were absorbed and digested by special macrophage cells. After neutralization, the development of an attack stops, the immune system returns to normal. In the experiment, a mouse previously “infected” with an allergy and having the corresponding antibodies was injected with an allergen in the form of a chicken egg protein. The next time she was given the protein, she had an asthmatic attack, but after nanoparticle therapy, the immune system stopped responding to this allergen. The method of deceiving the immune system is useful for the immune system: the number of regulatory T-lymphocytes in the blood increases, which control the strength and duration of the allergic reaction. There is a “shutdown” of T-cells of the Th2 type, which cause allergy attacks.

GINA confused about asthma

More than ten years ago, when comparing the number of asthmatics, in Gene’s reports (GINA 2005 and 2006), it turned out that in a year they had halved, as well as the number of pages in the report! It looked like inexplicable nonsense!
Compare the latest reports in the same way, you will see how their compilers rush from one extreme to another: they revise the criteria for diagnosis, treatment, add all sorts of gag, but the result remains the same: hormones, hormones and again hormones! Just like Lenin’s farewell to youth: “Study, study and study!” Maybe the compilers of the reports also need to learn a little? And in general, the committee itself, and the authors, and compilers, and translators, as well as apologists for Russian national programs based on the GINA report, it’s time to think: why “things are still there!” After all, despite the loud statements at the release of the next report (and how many there were in total! – do not count) about advanced views and approaches to the treatment of asthma, everything is happening quite the opposite! Morbidity and mortality from bronchial asthma is on the rise. The disease is getting younger, and “advanced” followers of this “asthmatic bible” prescribe hormones in inhalations to already one-year-old children, which they immediately swallow. As they say, good health. Well, in the most “advanced” countries in terms of asthma, such as the UK, asthma in most people is already regarded not as a serious illness, but as a cold-type illness. Well, asthma and asthma … Isn’t it time for everyone to think?

event_note July 29, 2022

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