Pregnancy and asthma

Inhalation of dirty air by a pregnant woman – asthma in a child!

A new Canadian study has found that children exposed to polluted air in the womb are 25% more likely to develop asthma during the first 5 years of life.

Particular attention should be paid to those who were born with low body weight – the more the air is polluted with exhaust gases, the stronger the susceptibility of infants to it grows. Do not forget that even in areas of the city with a low level of pollution, pregnant women are under the influence of harmful components of urban air. This can cause illness such as asthma in a child.

Commentary: Exhaust gases are only a part of life companions that have already become integral in a big city. Air filters installed in the premises can help. As for walking, try to avoid busy streets.

event_note April 15, 2022

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