Allergies and asthma in half of the people

A few years ago, Professor Andrey Demin, head of the Russian Public Health Association, an employee of the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy , in an interview with the Rosbalt agency, said that the health of Russians has been declining in recent years. There is a shortage of medicines in hospitals. The situation is especially difficult with the treatment of patients suffering from asthma and various forms of allergies.

Almost half of the country’s population, 40 percent, suffer from allergies and asthma. At the level of the Ministry of Health and the government, it is necessary to solve the problem, reconsider the needs. 3.333 thousand people die from asthma every year. And these figures are only in 2007 – now this figure is much higher. But the deaths of many, many people could have been prevented if they received timely and decent treatment.

According to Demin, asthma for many begins with the usual allergic rhinitis. They try to treat him in the usual ways without going to the doctor. And then it’s too late. And when forty percent of the population suffers from allergies, the professor says, “it already becomes a political issue.”

Demin drew attention to the following fact: the Ministry of Health issued a decree that one allergist is enough for every one hundred thousand people. In Russian realities, we are talking about an allergist-immunologist, whose workload is simply enormous. Why, with such a high incidence rate, the Ministry of Health decided the way it decided, the professor does not understand.

Hormones for asthma and glaucoma

In Journal of Clinical Investigation published an article that patients with inflammatory diseases, including allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, are often prescribed hormonal drugs. However, some patients develop secondary glaucoma in response to treatment, which makes it necessary to discontinue the use of these drugs.
What is glaucoma? This is an eye disease associated with increased intraocular pressure. It is associated with several mechanisms. First, with excessive formation of intraocular fluid. Secondly, with the deterioration of its outflow from the eyeball. As a result, an increase in intraocular pressure or IOP develops. Increased intraocular pressure causes a deterioration in blood supply to the structures of the eye. In places of impaired blood supply, zones of ischemia and hypoxia appear, which is reflected in the optic nerve. A further increase in IOP, ischemia, hypoxia cause a gradual death of the cells of the optic nerve, which inevitably leads to its atrophy and blindness.
There are two main types of glaucoma , open-angle and closed-angle . But this, in fact, is already information for a doctor who should be contacted immediately if a patient with bronchial asthma taking hormonal drugs suddenly feels discomfort, pain in the eyes, glare, black flies, iridescent circles in the eyes, or even feels a deterioration in vision. If this is not done, then in the later stages of the disease, visual field limitation, severe visual impairment, or even blindness develop!

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