Asthma and smoking

Cigarette smoke contains a number of toxic chemicals and irritants. People with allergies may be more sensitive to cigarette smoke than others, and studies show that smoking and passive inhalation of cigarette smoke can exacerbate allergies.

Smoking not only harms smokers but also those around them. Studies have shown that the children and spouses of smokers tend to have more respiratory infections and asthma than relatives of non-smokers. In addition, passive smoking can increase the risk of developing allergic complications such as sinusitis and bronchitis.

Comment: in fact, smoking most often punishes not with asthma, but with lung cancer. According to statistics, 99% of lung cancer patients are smokers. So, when you smoke again, think about this fact!

asthma inhaler

Inhalation is becoming an increasingly important way to treat asthma. Particle size and yield control is critical to ensure efficient and effective delivery of often costly drugs to the lungs. Drugs intended for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other lung diseases require an optimal particle size (from 1 to 6 microns).

A team of researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Irvine in California has realized a pocket-sized drug inhalation device that can meet the needs of aerosol inhalation. Precise particle size control with a much narrower size distribution in the new device will improve delivery efficiency. And the result will be better efficacy, fewer side effects, shorter treatment time. In addition, this will reduce the cost of drugs compared to existing nebulizers. The basis of the new delivery device is a silicon-based element with ultrasonic nozzles operating at a frequency of several megahertz.

This study was supported by the US National Institutes of Health Academy of Sinica and National Science Council of Taiwan, and Shi-Lin Electric Inc. , USA. So it looks like nebulizers are a thing of the past!

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