Asthma and a cat without allergies

People with animal allergies can sometimes sneeze at the thought of dogs or cats. But now such people have a chance to have a pet home without fear of deterioration in well-being. Just as some dog breeds do not make allergy symptoms worse, some cat breeds are suitable for people with similar problems.
Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that people will not develop any symptoms at all. Even with a hypoallergenic cat, you need to carefully listen to your well-being. But some breeds have a reduced amount of allergens in saliva and dander. For example, the Balinese cat has a low concentration of such allergens. Despite the fact that they, along with other animals, produce saliva and shed, according to experts, this breed has a lower concentration of Fel d 1 protein in saliva and dander. People with cat allergies usually react to this protein. Some people think that the reaction occurs on the cat’s hair, but in fact the body is reacting to compounds in the cat’s sebum or saliva. However, people with allergies are less likely to react to Balinese than to other felines.
Everyone loves Bengal cats for their beautiful looks, but there is another reason to fall in love with this breed – they are among the hypoallergenic cats that you can safely consider if someone in the family has allergies. The wool of Bengalis contains less saliva rich in allergens. In addition, they do not shed as much as other cats, so dander in their fur does not spread as widely as in the case of other breeds. The Burmese cat is also among the hypoallergenic breeds. According to experts, these cats are like dogs in their tendency to follow their owners, they are focused on giving and receiving love.

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