Asthma can be cured!

Dr. Solopov’s optimism rests on many years of scientific research

Up to 15 percent of the world’s population suffers from bronchial asthma (according to the World Health Organization). Moreover, which is no less alarming, there is no trend towards a decrease in the prevalence of this disease. Vice versa! The number of patients with bronchial asthma is steadily increasing in all countries of the world. Pulmonologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Viktor Solopov has been studying and treating this disease for decades.

1. In the last 15 years, the number of people with asthma has doubled.2. Every 12th inhabitant of Russia suffers from bronchial asthma.

Why does immunity drop?

– No matter how much they try to cure asthma by affecting allergies, even if a person has it, in half of the cases it worsens the patient’s well-being and leads to negative consequences. Over time, the international community of scientists proclaimed something like this: “That’s it! We don’t know what causes asthma. Yes, asthma often co-occurs with allergies, but at the same time, half of the cases of asthma occur without allergies, just as there are a lot of cases of allergies without asthma.” However, it is known that allergic reactions and asthma are associated with immunity. Immunity is what protects a person from infection. This means that some defect in the immune system leads to the fact that a person begins to react not only to an infection, but also to everything that people normally perceived for thousands of years. For thousands of years people have known pollen, grass, oranges, cockroaches… Cockroaches are contemporaries of dinosaurs, but ancient people did not complain about allergies from cockroaches, although there were more of them (cockroaches) at other times. And now there seem to be fewer cockroaches, but more and more asthma and allergies. This is first. Secondly, maybe there is some specific asthmatic allergen? But the search for known allergens did not give anything. Then there was an assumption that, since the main function of immunity is to protect the body from infection, it means that infection can be the cause of asthma. Moreover, even 20 years ago, scientists in the classification of this disease mentioned asthma of an infectious nature.
We decided to look at which microorganism predominates in asthma patients and how this microorganism can switch the immune system from normal to allergic way. How does a person communicate with the environment? He eats, breathes, wears clothes. The skin, respiratory tract, and digestive tract are the three main integuments through which a person comes into contact with the external environment. Neither the liver, nor the kidneys, nor the lungs are in contact with the external environment, only the mucous membranes and skin. And so that a person does not die, they must be protected. Therefore, they are covered with microorganisms. And these microbes are our friends. They stimulate the immune system, which protects a person from infections. If the surface of the mucous membranes is occupied by normal microbial flora, then there is no place left for pathogenic flora. And when pathogenic microorganisms enter the digestive tract, they do not produce vitamins for a person, but take them away from him. They do not strengthen, but suppress the immune system, impair digestion and cause inflammation of the mucosa. And for five years we have long and carefully examined all patients with asthma who came to us for treatment, studying the composition of their microbial flora. And as a result, it turned out that in asthmatics, the predominant microbial flora in the lungs and intestines are candida fungi (the causative agent of thrush). It turned out that 50 years ago, only 5-10 percent of the entire population were carriers of candida. However, they were not sick with an active form of candidiasis. After 20 years, there were already 20-30 percent of candida carriers, and today they are about 70 percent of the total number of people! The incidence of asthma is also on the rise. Absolutely in sync! This is the first proof. Second. There is a claim that asthma is inherited. There were very interesting facts in the history of the heredity of asthma. For example, two twins are born. One has asthma from birth to death, and the other is absolutely healthy from birth to death. After all, these are twins – people with the same set of genes! What genetic predisposition can then be discussed? Or how to explain this fact: in the family, the wife has asthma, suddenly, after 10 years, the husband falls ill. They are not blood relatives! So it can be transmitted in some other way. Epidemiologists helped here. They wondered: should candida be in the body of a healthy person? Have you examined people? in excellent health. And Candida was detected in only 5% of cases, and only in the oral cavity. Hence the conclusion: this microbe should not be part of the normal human microflora.

Extremely poisonous mushroom

Today, the level of candidacy is catastrophically high! 200 years ago, people did not know about bifido – and lactobacilli. They just lived, and no one knew about allergies and did not suffer from it. A person was born, passing through the birth canal, inhabited by lactic acid bacteria, and now in women these paths are covered with candida. Today, 90 percent of newborns become infected with thrush. How is their fate? Those who have a strong immune system defeat germs, and those who have a weak one are at risk of becoming allergic and asthmatic. After all, the respiratory tract intersects with the digestive tract. Should a person choke, and the infection can enter the respiratory tract. And we see children in whom asthma symptoms are observed after the first months of life, and a one-year-old asthmatic is no longer a rarity …
It has long been described and there is such a thing as a “syndrome associated with candida” or “ Candida related complex “. Conditions such as poor performance, lethargy, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome are spicy consequences of exposure to a pathogenic fungus in humans. Toxins – the products of its “life activity” – enter the bloodstream and poison the human body. This is the only microbe today that allows the usual carriage of it by people without any painful manifestations. That is, it is not necessary that a person immediately develop asthma or allergies. Not! A certain “critical mass” of fungi should accumulate, which, gradually capturing its territory, as in the movie “Aliens”, creates an immunological malfunction in the body. And candida is very hardy. They can be dried, after two years watered, and they will come to life. You can freeze them several times, they will come to life. They live everywhere: on furniture, on the floor, on semi-finished products and dirty hands, anywhere. And they are transmitted in all possible ways: through dirty hands, kisses, household, sexual contacts, through dishes, food, and even through airborne droplets.

Fact about a kilo of microbes

From a biological point of view, the price of health is one kilogram of beneficial microbes living in the human body. If these microbes die, for example, with radiation sickness, a person will not live even two weeks. In two weeks, a heavily irradiated person will be covered with bleeding ulcers and pus and will surely die. Because the disappeared kilogram of microorganisms will not be able to recover quickly. Surprisingly, the whole paradox is this: a person can live without a brain, in a coma, for example, to exist as a biological object if the constancy of the internal environment is maintained in it, and microbes live in it. But if he has a soul, consciousness and heart, but there are no microbes in the intestines, he dies!

How allergies are born

Why Candida? That’s what nature intended. Man turned out to be a very convenient territory for this particular type of fungus. Their main feature is that they do not just live and multiply on the skin or in the cavity of an organ, but have the ability to grow together with body tissues. They grow into the body in the same way as, for example, mold in bread. And immunity has one more function – in no case to allow something alien to grow into the body, into the tissues. When the fungus grows into the mucous membranes and skin, the body tries to kill it. But the mechanisms of immunity are so powerful that they can damage not only foreign organisms, but also the cells of their own organs. And the infection, like a weed on a lawn, spreads, and if the body makes a massive attempt to destroy foreign cells, it will kill its own cells as well. But since the body still has to fight, the immune system goes into the “sparing” protection mode and begins to produce antibodies that it tries to bind the fungi with. And these antibodies begin to be produced on everything that surrounds us, and not just on Candida. This is how allergies occur. Well, the most powerful allergic reactions develop on fungi and mold. That is, in a certain sense, fungi cause the development of allergies both to themselves and to everything else. And this happens as a result of switching the immune response from the normal anti- infective pathway to an abnormal one – allergic.
Another very interesting fact. For example, a person developed an allergy to dandelion pollen, and he no longer suffers from anything, and then suddenly an allergy to house dust joined … Then – an allergy to animals. That is, as soon as the allergic process in the body has started, a person slowly begins to expand the range of allergens to which he reacts. And there is even such a medical phenomenon – an allergy to everything – a person cannot tolerate anything: neither most foods, nor medicines, and in general he does not know how to live (but this, fortunately, is very rare). This suggests that at the basis of the formation of allergies there is some kind of driving mechanism, a driving force. And this force is the very factor that transfers the immune system to an unusual mode of operation. What this factor is can be easily traced, it is very common. A healthy young man met a not very healthy girl ( candida carrier ), kissed her, caught an infection that multiplied in his body. Then, for example, he suffered from the flu with complications, was treated with antibiotics that killed all the beneficial microflora, and suddenly began to … cough. He underwent special tests and revealed an allergy. And then it turns out that the girl he met has been allergic since childhood.
Asthma is a terrible disease. But it can (and should) be dealt with. Now there are already methods that (of course, with the active help of the patient himself) allow people with the initial stage of the disease to recover completely and achieve a significant improvement in health even in severe cases. Comprehensive treatment (including the mandatory fight against candida), plus an active lifestyle and low-carbohydrate diet, help 90 percent of patients.

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