Increased risk of asthma in children

According to a new study in Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands, the accelerated growth of newborns during the first three months of life increases the risk of developing asthma symptoms in young children. We know that low birth weight is associated with an increased risk of developing asthma symptoms in children, but the risk ratio of small fetuses and accelerated child development has not yet been studied, the experts explain.
In our study, weight gain and accelerated development in early childhood was associated with an increased risk of developing asthma symptoms in preschool children, regardless of fetal growth rate, suggesting that early childhood may be a critical period for the development of asthma. Although the mechanisms underlying these relationships remain unclear, accelerated weight gain at an early age may adversely affect lung development and changes in immune system development.

Asthma and germs

Are microbes protecting people from allergies and asthma?

A lot of data has been published in the press, scientific literature and even on the Internet about the association of asthma and allergies with microorganisms. Not that microbes cause them, but, on the contrary, they protect against allergies and asthma. It would seem strange that all this: after all, once even asthma was classified as infectious-allergic. But scientists at the University of Chicago found the answer to the question “Who is to blame for the increase in food allergies?” and partly to the question “What to do with it?”. These are bacteria of the genus Clostridium . Or rather, their absence. Clostridia along with representatives of the genus Bacteroides and other bacteria are usually present in abundance among the normal intestinal microflora. Study Linking Clostridium Absence to Allergies Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .

Commentary: That’s it! Stomach and health are related things. No wonder, once, the words belly and life were synonymous! But it should be added that useful lactic acid bacteria – lactobacilli and bifidobacteria of various types play an important role in the prevention of asthma and allergies. But other microorganisms cause asthma and allergies – Candida fungi. Read this article about the role of microbes in human life, and how allergies and asthma appear. Then you will understand everything.

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