Causes of asthma attacks

Causes of asthma attacks can be a huge amount. Everyone who suffers from this disease knows that it is often unpredictable. However, there are several factors that most often provoke an attack.

Asthma is an inflammatory disease that occurs in a chronic form, localized in the region of the respiratory system. It is characterized by asthma attacks with difficulty breathing out. This occurs as a result of spasms of the small bronchi, because of their narrowing the passage of air is disturbed.The treatment of bronchial asthma can take place over a very long time. Therefore, it is important to know what factors provoke attacks.

5 major factors

The causes of asthma attacks in each case are individual. We collected 5 of the most frequent factors that could trigger an outbreak of asthmatic suffocation.

  1. The most important reason is the fact that the patient has an asthmatic illness that occurs in a chronic form.
  2. Often an attack occurs if the patient has interacted with household chemicals, perfumery, household or floral dust, non-infectious or infectious allergens. By itself, an allergic irritant does not bear any harm. However, in some cases, severe allergic reactions and choking attacks may occur. It is noteworthy that in some cases the same allergen can provoke asthma, and sometimes it causes only mild   pruritus   in the form of urticaria. 
    Another proof that asthma can occur as a result of exposure to allergens is the fact that asthma attacks disappear when the allergen is eliminated.
  3. Strong emotional stress (stress) can also exacerbate the condition. Many people know cases when asthma attacks appeared under the influence of emotions: strong emotion or fear.
  4. Cold air can be a provoking factor.
  5. Revealed some pattern between the disease of bronchial asthma and the state of the endocrine system. Any changes in the endocrine system that cause a change in hormonal levels may adversely affect the development of the disease.

A life-threatening condition for the patient is the so-called asthmatic status, in which asthma attacks follow continuously, worsening the patient’s condition, up to pulmonary edema or cardiovascular problems.

What to do to alleviate the condition during an attack?

A person with asthma must have a special dosage at hand.   inhaler   with a drug that dilates the bronchi.   Euphyllin   – effective bronchodilator drug. With the introduction of intravenously able to act almost instantly. 1-2 can also help   pills   any antiallergic agent.

If there is no improvement in the patient’s condition, it is urgent to call an ambulance.

The causes of asthma may be different. But in any case, choosing a treatment, first consult with your doctor.

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