Difficulty breathing

Shortness of breath is a condition that can become a threat to human life. Shortness of breath is a symptom of serious illness, with the exception of shortness of breath in asthmatics who often experience this condition.

Difficulty breathing is often due to the physical condition of the human body. For example, someone may experience difficulty breathing with very little physical exertion, and someone may not suffer from difficulty breathing, even having suffered severe pneumonia.

The causes of breathing difficulties are manifold:

– the occurrence of an obstacle along the air in the mouth, throat or nose;

– excessive emotional overstrain, for example, an attack of anger;

– pathologies of lung tissue, which include pneumonia and bronchitis, bronchial asthma and obstruction of lung tissue, pulmonary hypertension and the inflammatory process of the epiglottis;

– cardiac pathologies. For example, myocardial infarction and complications after angina, various heart disorders and arrhythmias, congenital heart valve defects. The cause of breathing difficulties can be those disorders of the cardiovascular system that lead to circulatory failure, leading to the impoverishment of internal organs with oxygen.

– pathologies of blood vessels and blood, for example, anemia or pulmonary embolism;

– all kinds of allergic reactions;

– Severe infectious blood diseases: diabetes and blood sepsis, imbalance of certain compounds in the blood;

– poor physical condition and lack of motor activity;

– obesity and even just overweight;

– compression of the chest;

– bouts of panic, anxiety, excitement , etc. 

– neoplasm compressing lung tissue;

– a sharp change in living conditions, to which the body did not have time to adapt;

– smoking and alcohol abuse, drugs.

Sign of difficulty breathing

One of the most basic signs of difficulty breathing is inhibited communication, that is, a person suffering from difficulty breathing cannot quickly give an answer to a question. Another symptom is approximately similar to this one, consisting in the inability to focus attention, since the brain is starving without oxygen. In addition, during breathing difficulties, it is difficult for a person to keep his head raised – he lowers his chin to his chest.

If we analyze the depth of breathing and its rhythm, we can assume that a person with difficulty breathing has been running for a long time. He cannot pronounce long phrases and sentences, he cannot take a normal breath, he breathes often and superficially so that as much oxygen as possible can enter the body. 

If you develop the symptoms listed below, provided you have difficulty breathing, you should seek medical help as soon as possible:

– pressure and pain in the chest;

– difficulty breathing at rest;

– the inability to sleep or sleep in a half-sitting position;

– wheezing or whistles that accompany the breathing process;

– difficulties with the swallowing process;

– coughing barking character;

– the feeling that the throat has become smaller has narrowed;

– high body temperature for several days.

Methods of treating breathing difficulties are caused by the causes of this pathological phenomenon. For example, restricting excessive physical stress can help get rid of breathing difficulties. But well-planned physical training, on the contrary, will help strengthen the respiratory system. Respiratory difficulties in people suffering from bronchial asthma can be corrected with the help of special medications.

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