Fruits and cereals will save from asthma attacks

Fruits, vegetables and whole grains – this is the salvation for asthmatics, proved experiments on mice. A diet rich in fiber reduces the rate of inflammation in the lungs. It was also found that when absorbed in the intestines, fiber, filled with nutrients, changes the functioning of the immune system, reports.      

According to the University of Lausanne, the bacterial composition of the intestinal flora depends on the concentration of fiber . It is known that this factor directly affects all body systems, including the immune system.    

For example, if there is a lot of fiber in the diet, then in the intestine the concentration of certain bacteria increases, which produce more fatty acids (they are easily absorbed into the blood). It is likely that these fatty acids act as signals for the immune system, as a result of which the lungs better resist inflammation.        

event_note March 10, 2020

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