Is asthma caused by heredity?

Since the first GINA report on asthma, published back in the last century, scientists have been touting the hypothesis that the cause of asthma is heredity. And already in this century, recent studies in the UK and Canada have revealed more than 30 new genes responsible for the production of class E immunoglobulins. These are the very so-called “allergic” antibodies involved in the mechanisms of the development of many diseases, including asthma. Influencing the activity of these genes will allow in the future in the treatment of diseases such as allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis. This publication in the journal Nature caused a stir among apologists for the hereditary hypothesis of asthma. However, as it turned out, many of those who conducted these studies at one time announced in one of the GINA reports already in the present century that the evidence for the hereditary theory is not enough. In addition, as you know, asthma occurs both with manifestations of allergies and without them. That is, the very genes responsible for the production of IgE may not cause asthma. So the statement that the cause of asthma is heredity is still untenable. But the most important thing that “asthmatic geneticists” forget about is that hereditary diseases manifest themselves almost in the first days of life.

event_note April 30, 2022

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