No inhaler: how to remove an asthma attack

During an asthma attack, it becomes difficult for a person to breathe. If you do not help him quickly, everything can end with loss of consciousness or death. If there is an asthmatic in the family, it is important to study all ancillary techniques to block the attack.

How to remove an asthma attack at home

Attacks usually begin unexpectedly. First, shortness of breath occurs, which quickly turns into a frequent dry cough and wheeze. To get rid of suffocation, it is necessary to use an inhaler charged with special medicines. Panic during an attack is impossible.

To relieve an asthma attack, you need to calm down.

A person should relax and control every breath. You need to take a comfortable posture, sit down or lie on your stomach. All tight clothing (belt, scarf, tie or turtleneck with a throat) must be removed to facilitate breathing.

The room in which the patient is located is filled with air — you will have to open the windows and doors and ensure a draft. Remove from the room you need everything that causes allergies: pets, sources of smoke or strong odor. It is also recommended to sip cool clean water.

If possible, the patient can make canned massage. For this, not only classic glass jars are suitable, but also lightweight silicone.

How to remove an asthma attack without an inhaler

If there is no inhaler, you can replace it with any anti-allergy drugs. In the absence of suitable medicines used folk remedies. A special solution is prepared for the relief of an easy attack. It will take:

2-3 drops of iodine;

200 ml of hot boiled water;

2 tsp. soda

Everything is thoroughly mixed. While the solution is hot, the patient needs to breathe over it. After cooling to drink 1-2 tbsp. l In parallel, you can make mustard plasters. They are placed on the chest.

How to remove an asthma attack with an onion compress? One large fruit is crushed using a fine grater and placed on the bag, which is applied to the back section between the shoulder blades. A person needs to be wrapped with blankets and allowed to sit quietly. Also helps a mixture of garlic gruel and vegetable oil. This tool is placed on the chest and covered with a warm cloth.

Even if the folk remedies worked, you still need to seek help from a doctor. It is impossible to let the disease take its course, and an inhaler should always be at hand. To remove a severe attack without medication will not work.

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