What is the danger of untreated bronchitis

Bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi) can occur for various reasons. In most cases, it occurs due to exposure to pathogenic bacteria, viruses. But bronchitis can also develop due to inhalation of toxic substances, allergens – for example, dust, mold spores.

What is the danger of untreated bronchitis

Untreated acute bronchitis can become chronic. Most often, this disease occurs in damp and cold weather, especially against a background of weakened immunity. Unfortunately, there are often cases when people do not consider it necessary to completely treat bronchitis (they say, it will go away a little while), but this is fraught with serious consequences.

If bronchitis, especially in severe form, cannot be completely cured, it can come back again and again with any cold or hypothermia. This automatically leads to the fact that the surface of the bronchi becomes too sensitive, easily vulnerable. Thus, chronic bronchitis can quickly develop, which will be much more difficult to cure.

A strong cough, which is accompanied by chronic bronchitis, leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure acting on the diaphragm and nearby organs. This may ultimately cause their pathology. Due to chronic bronchitis, difficulty breathing occurs, the body does not receive oxygen in sufficient quantities, with all the ensuing negative consequences. Chronic bronchitis can lead to the development of a dangerous disease such as tuberculosis. Therefore, it must be treated.


Complications that Untreated Bronchitis May Cause

A common and dangerous complication of bronchitis is pneumonia (pneumonia). This disease occurs when the focus of inflammation “descends” along the bronchi, capturing the underlying areas. The likelihood of pneumonia is the higher, the more severe bronchitis occurs and the more the body is weakened.

Such a serious disease as bronchial asthma, requiring a long and persistent treatment, also often occurs due to advanced bronchitis. When the surface of the bronchi becomes too vulnerable, sensitive, any minor irritant, allergen can cause a sharp narrowing of their gaps, which entails an attack of suffocation, accompanied by a strong cough.

This is not a complete list of possible complications caused by untreated bronchitis. But what has been said is enough to understand that you need to take this disease seriously, not to carry it on your feet, not to hope that it will pass by itself. According to the doctor’s prescription, you must observe bed rest, and if necessary undergo antibiotic treatment. If the doctor advises hospitalization, do not refuse.

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